Val Bugden Cawsey


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Val is now one of the most sought after Speakers / Entertainers In the South West and further afield! She is stunning audiences all across Cornwall and Devon and throughout the UK with her "unique sense of humour and  look on life."

She has numerous " Talks ", most of which reflect her " energetic personality".  Her top 3 favourites being :

Val bugden cawsey talks

   "The Life and Times of a Professional Caterer" 


Val bugden cawsey talks

  "Growing Old Disgracefully " - Parts 1 or 2 

Val bugden cawsey talks

" A day in the Life of a West Country Lady " ? 

Val started her Career as a Public Speaker many years ago, entertaining at many Women's Institutes throughout the County of Cornwall BUT it wasn’t long before her obvious " Talent " was spotted  by numerous other organisations such as :  N.A.F.A.S. / U3A / Ladies and Men's PROBUS Groups / Trefoil Guild's / Various Luncheon and Dinner Organisations and FUND Raising Organisations such as Cornwall Hospice and Cancer Care Charities . 

She now regularly gets requests to talk all over The South West and in other parts of the UK  BUT please don’t think that Val is only interested in " Large Corporate Events " as she is just as happy with a smaller group on the North Coast of Cornwall in the middle of winter where you need a pound coin to fire up the heating !

Often accompanied by her " Ever Suffering Husband - Terry"  who  manages to " feature " in many of her real life stories …………..he always receives a warm welcome and lots of sympathy! 

The one thing I can assure you is that you will not be bored when listening to Val . She will enthral you with her hilarious stories, ranging from her life as " COOK HOUSEKEEPER TO HRH THE PRINCESS ROYAL " to what happened to her on a  " Shopping expedition for Knickers in Marks and Spencer's ! "

Check out her unsolicited Testimonials - that's the best way to gauge what her audiences thought :  

Val had our audience gripped from the moment she opened her mouth the first time she came to us and    were asking when she was coming back again " - N.A.F.A.S


" the bit about buying the underwear in Marks And Spencer had us all in stitches Val - please come back again soon"  - SHALDON WOMEN'S INSTITUTE XMAS PARTY 2013      

TO SEE MORE TESTIMONIALS - Go to her Testimonials Page

You can have no reason not to book Val as all of her phone and email details are on her Contact Page. Giver her a ring or email her. She will be very happy to speak to you and will undoubtedly have a talk you will be interested in.

                           Believe me - You will be very pleased that you booked 
                                              VAL BUGDEN CAWSEY